3 Doubts That You Have To Clarify Before Choosing Engineering

Are You Ready To Become Engineer ? or Want To Become Engineer ? 

So , today in this post i am going to share my experience and suggestion too with you all . But before starting lets talk about Engineering . 

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What is Engineering ?

Engineering is nothing but all thing . It means Engineering is a creative application of science , mathematical methods and emperical evidence to the innovation . Basically its all about creativity , curiosity and innovation.  

If you want to become an Engineer or thought to be a Engineer in future then you must have 3 things , Creativity Curiosity and Innovation
From my point of view , these are the most important things that you must have or an Engineer must have . Lets Discuss these three terms in brief : 


Creativity is an enthusiatic art of a person which lead a person from its art of creativity to the discovery of something . Suppose , any person who loves creativity and always loved creating some cool stuff in that play of creativity of things he/she create or discovered something which is new for the people and its a discovery of that particular thing . 

So , it is an important to have this creativity in an Engineer so that he/ she can thought of new ideas , creation , which makes peoples works easy and provide comfort to them . This is the benefit of Creativity of an Engineer . 


Curiosity is an another great benefit for an Engineer to be a successfull person as a Engineer.  If you have curiosity to do something great then  your passion of creativity will help a great to discover new things , reliable ways to help peoples . 

Today there are a lots of example for the success of Engineering can be easily seen around . Lets talk , A time when farmer doesn't have tractor then they use ox or bull to plough their field which takes a lot of time and hard work .

 But when Tractors comes they minimize all these things now the work will done in just few hours which before takes maximum 6 to 7 hours for the same work . So , Curiosity is also an important factor for an Engineer .


Innovation is the combination of Curiosity and Creativity . W hihen something discovered new , new idea , new way , new technology , evolution of something , etc. It means when Curiosity and Creativity of a person combines together and works then surely something new will discovered .

If its not happen then today modern world can not be modern as many Scientist , Engineer and many others has a great contribution in transforming this world . So , innovation on its own is a great thing to an Engineer .

So if you have all these Curiosity , Creativity and Innovation skills then surely you will be a successfull Engineer in the future . And you must choose the Engineering Line for your bright future . Because i thought people should do that work in which they have great Curiosity .

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My Own Reflections on Engineering -

I dont think that someone to do any work due to pressure or in pressurized manner . Peoples should do that work in which they have their curiosity . So that he can does a great job . And Engineering needs a hard work , self truth , and 3 words which i have discussed above . And i already told that if you see these in yourself then you may be a Successfull Engieer in the Future .

If you like this post and also want more information on Engineering topic which are listed above then do a comment below and tell me what you want and how is this post ?

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