Google Assistant just become easier , no need to say Hey Google

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Starting with Google Assistant , it is an important tech which act as an assistant for their users . One of the most important things we learn as children is how to communicate with others . When children are small they start with  " goo goos , gaa gaas "  or Mamma . Its their learning time as they are children but its our duty to trained them . So that they can communicate easier with each other .

For the google Assistant , to have a natural conversation , it should be able to understand during an interaction . Google taking next step forward  in making our interaction with google assistant more easier as possible as natural .
Google Assistant Become More Easier , Just Say Once and You Are Done

Yet, we have to say '' Ok Google '' each time we follow up the Google Assistant but now it is not necessary you just say once after that you can randomly ask anything without following '' Hey Google '' or '' Okay Google '' . This available starting today on Google Home , Google Home Mini and on Google Home Max . Later it will  available to all devices as expected .

This new feature s starting to roll out today and you can turn it on in the Google Assistant app by going to Setting → Preference → Continued Conversation and hitting the toggle .
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