Quick Tip : Google Allows To Customize Email Swiping In Gmail

Swipe Action Update in Gamil
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New Swipe Action Update in Gmail

Google rolls out a new update to Android (Version 8.5.20) users to customize the swiping option in Gmail . Have you ever notice that swiping an Email left or right it archive the email in Google mail or Gmail ? If yes then you are now surprised that google has updated this swiping feature with more option .

Until Now , swiping left or right archived the emails. Yet was just the option for archive only . Now , after this update , it allows users to set available option beneath this . 

With the update , now user can choose to Archive , Delete , Mark as read/unread , Move to Snooze an Email . If you don't want to have swipe option then you can disabled this setting . And also you can set Left or Right swipe each for different actions .

How To Find Update In Gmail ?

This new feature is rolling out now , to find that you have this feature or not . You have to just scroll down to Setting at the bottom of the folder .

Now look for Swipe Action under General setting , if you haven't receive the update then you will see a box that lets you toggle swiping on or off .

If you didn't see the box then it means you have received the update of New Swiping feature in Gmail therefore the box is absent and you have the update already .

Customize the Swipe Action -

And if you want to customize your swipe setting according to your will then you have to click on Swipe Action available under General setting . Now , after getting the setting you will be able to customize the Swipe Action .

Swipe Action Update : Appreciating or Not 

The update of Swipe Action in Gmail is appreciating because now user has freedom to choose whatever they wants to do with the swiping to their Email in Gmail .

At last i will say this update by Google to Gmail is appreciating and it will be a great update to Gmail after a long time.  But , now that's it's here , is greatly appreciated .

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