Trending Games : 5 Most Addictive Challenging Android Game

The world of gaming is so popular and mostly loved by all age groups whether they are children's , youngers or adults all are loves to play games on their devices . Nowadays , people preferred Addictive , Challenging , Trending Games . So today i have decided to tell you the most trending 5 Addictive , Challenging Android Games

Have You Ever Play Most Addictive , Challenging and Reliastic Android Game

Are you a Gamer ? or Are you a Lover of Gamer ? And in search of some Best , Cool. Addictive , Multiplayer and Challenging games . Then this post is only for you guys . So lets begin ...

Today i have listed 5 best addictive , challenging and multiplayer game as well . These games are available on Google Play Store free of cost . You can download via Google Play Store or by clicking the links given here both are working . 

Lets See 5 Most Addictive & Challenging Android Game List

Now look what are the games ? So the answer of this question is as follows ; 

1. Zig Zag 
2. Jelly Jump 
3. Color Swift 
4. Arrow 
5. Trials Frontier 

So , these are the games which i am discussing and also talks in brief below . So lets see their descriptions and features too . 

Zig Zag Android
Image Credit : MTZ

● Zig Zag : An Addictive & Challenging Game 

I have listed this game as first because its just a very simple game but very Addictive . Its a stay wall game you need to tap on the screen of the game and need to stay on the walls and do many zig zags as you can on the wall . 

So , its a stay wall game dont go with its simplicity its seems like a very simple game but Addictive most of the players can't score 5 to 10 because of its simplicity and Challenging feature .

If i will talk about its rating by the users listed on Google Playstore then it gots 4.2 star out of 5 , overall rating based on 9 , 27 , 351 peoples . Now , 
* In Graphics - 4.2 star
× In Gameplay - 4.2 star
* In Controls - 4.0 star

Click Here To Download Zig - Zag 

Jelly Jump Android Game
Image Credit : MTZ

● Jelly Jump : An Addictive & Challenging Game 

Jelly Jump is an another cool addictive game listed on second number . Just like Zig Zag it is also an stay up game . In Jelly Jump you just need to Jump Higher and Survive longer . It means more higher you jump more longer you survive . 

The theme of this game is so lovefull and got more than 10 million download till today . If we talk about its rating based on users then it gots 4.5 star out of 5 overall rating based on 4 ,75 ,680 peoples . Now , 
*In Graphics - 4.5 star
* In Gameplay - 4.5 star
* In Controls - 4.4 star 

Color Switch Android Game
Image Credit : MTZ

● Color Switch : An Addictive & Challenging Game

Color Switch is a different from both of the above listed games . But it has its own way of play . What you need to do ? is that you just need to tap tap tap to get the ball past to each obstacle . 

In this cool game timing and patience is the key to victory . Beat every challenge and get a high score in end . Talking about its rating then it got 4.2 star out of 5 based on the rating of 11 ,815 . Now ,
*In Graphics - 4.2 star
*In Gameplay - 4.2 star
*In Controls - 4.2 star

Arrow Android Game
Image Credit :MTZ

● Arrow : An Addictive Game 

Arrow is just the combination of all above listed game . It is very Addictive in play . What you need to do ? Is that you need to hold down the screen to move the maze without touching or hitting the walls . 

Remember you just need to hold down in this game not need to tap . The more points you collects the more tail of your maze is grow . And smash gems to unlock cool and new tails and heads.  

It got the rating of 4.2 star out of 5 based on the ratings of 1,10,458 people . Now 
* In Graphics - 4.3 star
* In Gameplay - 4.3 star
* In Controls - 4.1 star

Trials Frontier Game

● Trials Frontier : An Award Winning Android Challenging Game 

Trials frontier is the different from all above listed game . It is Addictive , Challenging too . It is an Award Winning bike racing game . You can perform crazy stunts and wheelies too . 

Trials Frontier is an unlike from other bike racing game ever you play . In this Addictive game you can perform stunts like slick wheels , mid air flips , crazy jumps etc . 

The one word for this game is Awesome . If we talk about its rating then it got 4.3 star out of 5 based in the rating of 1,37,560 peoples . Now,
*In Graphics - 4.4 star
*In Gameplay - 4.3 star
* In Controls - 4.2 star

● Final Words : On 5 Most Addictive , Challenging Game of Android 

These are 5 cools , Addictive and Challenging games which you can download from google play store free of cost . And the last Trials Frontier is a most amazing game based on physics and having realistic experience of stunts like mid air flip etc . And all the games have best comment by user on google play store . I will try me best for you . 

So share your opinion on this post and how level you cross in each game comment below or if you have any problem then also comment below so i everyone can know it and help you . 

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