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Hi guys , welcome to MyTechZoo Smartphone Corner , as Redmi can be considered as one of the biggest smartphone selling company in India . Alongside as Redmi officials launches the Redmi 5 Pro in the last February . Now Xiaomi has given the hint of Redmi 6 Pro by a Image on his officials website .

So , today we are going to talk about on the Redmi 6 Pro . In this article we cover the following Full Specifications , Price , Variants Available , Release Date etc .

Redmi 6 Pro
Image Credit : AndroCrunch YT

Few days ago , Redmi on his Chinese official website release a image as showing the mobile screen .
So all the information to Redmi 6 Pro has mentioned  in the image . So we deeply read the images and figure out all the required information available on the image .


Seeing on the screen we can saw that at above front on the image there is 19/9 is mentioned through this we can assume the screen size is of 19:9 . Coming below we find on the first row there are two t-shirts in which A I is mentioned . So we conclude that the upcoming Redmi 6 Pro has an AI user interference .

Now , coming to the second row , we find the number written on the t-shirts as 6 2 5 . It means this phone has a processor of Snapdragon 625 in it . Now the last row , in which 4 0 0 0 is written , so through this code we can find the information about battery . So this phone has also 4000 mAh battery .

Beneath the descripition above , the Redmi 6 Pro has a hiding notch at top and also has a Double Rear Camera Setup which makes it look trendy .  

Variants Available

We can only expect or guess through the image about the variants available for Redmi 6 Pro . As i have expected it may comes in three variants . The available variants may be 2 GB / 16 GB , 3 GB / 32 GB & 4 GB / 64 GB  3 GB +32 GB , 4GB+32 GB & 4 GB + 64 GB. So this all about the availability of variants of Redmi 6 Pro .

Release Date

The Redmi 6 Pro will expected to launch on 25 June 2018 in China . So we have to wait further to get this wonder device till . And one of the best thing is that it is just same as Remi 5 Pro launched back In February .


The price will depends on the variants and its storage . So what we have expected the price of three variants is mentioned below :

1. 3 GB + 32 GB Price - Rs. 9,999 ( Expected )
2. 4 GB + 32 GB Price - Rs. 12,999 ( Expected )
3. 4 GB + 64 GB Price - Rs. 14,999 ( Expected )


Huah, finally we get another Redmi note as Redmi 6 Pro which has some upgradtion as in its feature compared to the Redmi 5 Pro . The Redmi 6 Pro will a budget smartphone with all features going to do fight in the market . And i will only say that this will be a great smartphone for which Redmi is famous .

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