Paytm Loot Offer : Get 100% Free Product from Paytm July 2018

Hi everyone, welcome back to MyTechZoo hope you are enjoying my blog keep supporting like this and I will also try to serve you better content with amazing offers. Today we are going to get something for free. Paytm Loot Offer: Get 100% Free Product from Paytm July 2018.

So, did you want to get free products from Paytm? If, yes then now we together make it happen in this post. Nowadays, there is an ongoing Paytm offer through which you can avail a free product. But how you will get the product for free. We are going to see in this post.

Paytm Loot Offer : Get 100% Free Product from Paytm July 2018
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Paytm Loot Offer: Get 100% Free Product from Paytm July 2018

Remember, this offer is only for new customer. But we also provide another promo code for existing customer to get a free product as like new customer. 

So, firstly we are going to discuss for customers then after we will talk about existing or old customer to get free product.

How to get free products from Paytm for new customer

Now, a new customer can avail this offer through both platforms which they can shop through Paytm mobile app or through the website.

Step: 1 First of all you will need to create an account at Paytm. ( Can be done at website and App )
Step: 2 After, successfully creating an account. Navigate to Shopping Mall or First Order For Free.
Step: 3 Now select any product from that window only in which there is cashback of the product price mentioned below each product.
Step:4 Click on that product which you want to buy.
Step: 5 Now at the next screen you will see to offers something like below 
Paytm Free Products by MyTechZoo
Step: 6 Choose the first one FIRSTTIMELUCKY  after applying this promo code your product price will come in your Paytm wallet as Cashback.

Note: To avail the product as free you need to purchase it. After applying the given promo code you will get your money back as cashback. Now your order is FREE.

How to get free products from Paytm for OLD customer

Paytm Loot Offer : Get 100% Free Product from Paytm July 2018
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Now, this can be very important to those who already have an account at Paytm and previously purchase a product. So, to get the free product this time you need another way. So let's see the way to avail of any product in which there is a cashback of 100 %.

So, I think the old customer is well familiar with Paytm interface. So they didn't need any type of introduction or guide about logging in to the Paytm.

Now, after login to the Paytm, you too need to go First Order For Free as same as the new user. Select any product with 100% cashback then you will need to enter this FASTAGMALL promo code at the time of checking out.

After entering the promo code your order is eligible for 100% cashback. So here are both ways to get a product for free from Paytm. If you enjoy this post share with your friends and tell them about this offer and website too

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