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Hey guys, welcome to MyTechZoo writing a good post is not an easy task . Writing an SEO friendly article will take much more time . Generally it will happen , that In a day only 1 or 2 posts written because it has more work . If you don't know how to write an SEO friendly article then you can see this .

An SEO friendly article must have minimum 300 words , Headings ( H1-H6 ) , Image with ALT tag , uses of different attributes like Bold , Italic , Underline , Subscript & Superscript etc . Dealing with the SEO strategy is only can be understood by an SEO expert , website developer , blogger & freelancers.

Articoolo - An online content writer tool
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So today in this post we are going to talk about a website which can do all these things in just 5 minutes . What I have just read ? Is that right ? Then I can say . Yes , whatever you have just read is correct . Then I am sure the beginners as well as experts get happy .

Because, every blogger want to have less work & more benefit . So, the website which we are talking about is Articoolo .

What is Articoolo ? Create Unique Textual Content 

Articoolo is a website in which anyone can create great textual content , search for topic ideas , generate SEO friendly title , rewrite article , image finder , great quotes for content . And it also provides you to write phrase to start writing your article .

Sometimes, user have a topic, but they don't know how to start or what are the important subtopics which they should discuss in details . Creating a great article takes more research which takes time and requires hard work too .

So reducing this effort we have just searched and find out this great website Articoolo . The best part or thing about this website is they have unique contents and has no plagiarism . They also offer to check content plagiarism for your satisfaction .

How Articoolo works ?

Articoolo technology is an easy to use technology which processes writer topic and gives them a good SEO content . Firstly, their system understands the concept of title or descriptive words after that it provides them content with good SEO optimization . It just simple as searching anything on google .

For your convenience, there is video officially by Articoolo on YouTube .

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  1. That's such an interesting tool! I've never heard about it! Thanks for spreading this information! Good content is the most important part of blogging, isn't it? All the professional bloggers should create their own fresh pieces of content. But sometimes we really need some professional help and it's completely normal. Personally for me it's nearly impossible to be constantly inspired. From time to time we all need to have a rest.


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