How i got Adsense Approval In just 3 days using subdomain with proof

Hi guys , welcome back to MyTechZoo , today I will going to show you How i got Adsense Approval In just 3 days using sub domain with proof. I know you might also be interested to see this strategy . Proof added at last below Misc.

How i got Adsense Approval In just 3 days using subdomain with proof

Well , before starting let me , tell you I have just done this whole process without spending any penny . So you will need to see the below mentioned points :
  • Firstly , I have created this website using blogger as you can see here also on the web address .
  • So, honest i have chosen the free blogger templates available on the web .
  • Note , your theme must be SEO ready , fast loading , having sidebar , ads ready ,etc.
  • Before applying to Adsense your website must have minimum 17 post with traffic of above 8000 .
  • This is the most important part of your website , your website must have About Us , Privacy Policy , Disclaimer , Contact Us , page .
  • Well after completing all these points , one thing more , your article contains minimum 350 words . Means , your article must be written in 350 words .
  • Your article must have media such as Image , Videos , with source credit mentioned .
  • You must have an author page below each post .
  • And your website must be connected with Social sites like Facebook , Twitter , Google plus , LinkedIn , etc .
  • Now , after doing this , you are ready to apply to AdSense .

Want to Apply To AdSense , don't forget to include this also

  • Which theme use for AdSense ? ( like SEO Rocket , SEO Ready , Tech Mag , Newspaper etc.)
  • Why to add About Us , Privacy Policy , Disclaimer , Contact Us pages to your website ?
  • Why to add well working Navigation Tabs ?
  • How to complete On Page SEO as well as Off Page SEO ?
  • Does website loading speed affects AdSense ?
  • How much you can Earn ?
  • What to do other Misc. things to do ?

Which Theme To Choose For AdSense ?

Which Theme To Choose For AdSense ?

Let me tell you , No one will cover this topic but this is really very important for Adsense Approval .

Theme is a game changer , as it has a great role in getting adsense approval .

But why ?

No any expert will tells you about this thing .

But wait , i will tell you everything in details . Choosing theme is very difficult , because you must choose that theme which is responsive , seo friendly , etc .

So , if you are using blogger and not able to choose right theme then consider these points to choose theme .

Your theme must be Responsive , SEO Friendly , Sidebar Ready , Navigation Tab Ready , Light Weight in size , Adsense Compatible , etc .

So just search for these terms on google and navigate to Image option .

Choose from the available theme and download that one which you likes and also loved by your users .

So this is all about choosing theme.  And my special suggestion is that you can choose SEO Rocket theme .

Why To Add About Us , Privacy Policy , Contact Us Page ? 

Why To Add About Us , Privacy Policy , Contact Us Page ?

These pages are very important for getting adsense approval . 

As it is the part of Google Adsense policy . And Google makes it very tough for beginners to get Adsense approval . 

And when beginners applied for Adsense and they didn't get approval they thought might have some content problem . 

But , its not about that it all about these pages . Google says it will your identity to yours website . 

So , look on these pages and complete all these pages if you don't have and then apply for Google Adsense . 

Why to add Navigation Tabs ?

Why to add Navigation Tabs ?

As Google wants that website to be easy for the user experiences. And for that google added all these option for approval . 

Now , you are thinking but why to add Navigation Tabs ?

Let me , tell you as i have already tell you google wants to see good user experience on your site . 

And these are the key factors of getting good look website . And if ads placed it also be good looking . 

So , it is necessary to add Navigation Tabs in the website for getting adsense approval .

How To Do SEO ?

How To Do SEO ?

SEO is an important part of website Optimisations . For expanding your website On page SEO and Off page SEO should be done . 

SEO is very large , hence it can be understood in short but i will try my best to make understand about SEO through this example . 

Suppose you build an house and it will complete soon . But only build not design or craft like painting , beautiful doors , marble etc . 

Now you wish that your house will look different and very first impression goes on it . 

So for this you will need to choose unique color . In that way if you want to saw your website on first Search result you will need to write unique content . 

So , you can understand SEO through this by yourself . But let me explain about On page And Off page SEO . 

The SEO which will done on your article writing such as uses of keyword , image , video , uses of heading , with credit source is called as On page SEO .

The SEO which will done on the outside of your website . Making popular your website on social sites etc . is called as Off page SEO . 

Website Loading Speed and Adsense ?

Website Loading Speed and Adsense ?

Yes , website loading speed is also a great thing in getting adsense approval .

As i have already tell you when your website is under review , google see your website as an user experience . 

They explore that using your website , is user comfort or not . When it passes they will proceed with their content policy.  

They check for website loading speed . And also it is not good for you SEO . 

Suppose any user open your website and they needs to wait then they immediately close your website and opens other website .

So , it will affects on your ranking factor and for this may google rejects your adsense approval . 

So , it is also an important factor affecting to Adsense .

How much you can earn from Adsense ?

How much you can earn from Adsense ?

This can not be explained absolutely correct because after getting Adsense approval  it will totally depends upon traffic . 

If you have enough traffic then the possibility of getting clicked on the ads will increases . 

And when you will get enough clicked on the ads then after you can earn . Otherwise , if you have enough traffic but ads didn't get clicked you cant make money . 

So its all about the game of clicked . And it will only possible when you have enough will to do this . 

And also earning will depends upon CPC and other factors of Adsense . We will talk on this later . 

Misc about Adsense 

Misc about Adsense

Now , if you have taken your step towards blogging and wants to earn money ? 

Then follow the steps provided above . And try to learn more about SEO because if you will get this all thing can be happened . 

My special suggestion to all the begginers to focus on your content not on Adsense approval . When you have enough traffic then you can apply for Adsense . 

But if your website doesn't have enough traffic and by how you get adsense approval . The what happened you cant earn money . 

As i have already tell you on earning section of this post that how traffic will affects your revenue . 

So this is all about today post How i got Adsense Approval In just 3 days using subdomain with proof .

Here is the proof which google sent me email when I got Goggle AdSense approval and also you can see on website too .

proof by mytechzoo

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  2. bro very nice and satisfying post will you please check my site m not getting approval please check and suggest me an improvement so i can get approval if u help thats a great Gesture

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