How To Create a New Popular Blog Online Using Blogger & Wordpress in 2018 : Introductory

Hey everyone I am your buddy Aditya , today we are going to know How To Create a New Popular Blog Online Using Blogger & WordPress in 2018 : Introductory . There are too many articles  available on the web to starting a blog . But , I can say , this post is going different from all that listed posts .

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Actually you are amazed to know that I am starting this new series on Blogging . Because I have got too many request on Quora to write articles on Blogging Guide . As they are beginners , so I will try my best for them and also Good Luck to all of them .

The first thing which comes in everyone's mind is that about to getting started with blogging platform . There are different blogging platforms available such as  And some other questions like this . So all your queries are listed below with detail description .

Which Blogging Platform Should I Choose

This is very first question which comes on every mind that Which Blogging Platform Should Choose ?

Getting started with a blogging platform is very important step . There are few blogging platforms which I recommend that are WordPress , Blogger , Weebly , Wix , Tumblr and SquareSpace . These are few platforms which are open and free .

Below is a quick mind booster chart to choose blogging platform according to your will .

blogging platforms
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Now you are able to take advantage of this comparison . Now also you are able to differentiate between given platforms . There you can easily choose the platform which you like . But I will recommend to go with Blogger and WordPress .

Now we will only talk about WordPress and Blogger . Now let , you have chosen one of it . So your next step will register yourself on the platforms or create a account on the chosen platforms .

Creating an Account On WordPress

Creating a blog on WordPress
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Creating an account on is very easy . See steps below :

Step 2 : Click on Get started for free or Click Here .
Step 3 : Now a new window appear in which you have to enter your details .

Note : There are total four steps to enter your details . This step is your online blog setting step on Wordpress . This process is very just try to figure their instruction and follow it .

Creating an Account On Blogger

Creating a blog using Blogger
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Creating an account on Blogger is just same as WordPress a one step registration include blog setup process .

Step 1 : Go to Blogger official website.
Step 2 : Click on Get started or on Sign Up button .
Step 3 : Now a new window appear in which you have to enter your details .

Note : This process is done to setup your blog online . You need to choose your blog name , template . etc .

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What you get in this post

Hey guys , this is all about setting up your blog . If you have any problem just comment below , I will here to help you .

So in this basically , I have told you about setting up Blog and also a great comparison between different blogging platforms . I have also mention to most famous online blog service offering websites which are Wordpress & Blogger .

Remember in above photo comparison we have listed but we have suggested you . Both are different we will talk about them in details in future series of this post .

Hope you have enjoyed this article please share it , It motivates me to write for you .

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  2. Great tips! Nowadays nearly everyone may become a successful blogger, do you agree with me? All you need is lots of passion, interest and a big wish to share some useful content with your potential readers! You need to have expertise, insights, or a point of view that people simply can't find anywhere else - it guarantees 100% of success! Content is a king, remember about that!


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