How to Earn Money From Instagram in 2018 - Ultimate Guide

Hi guys , as you already know about the topic How to Earn Money From Instagram in 2018 - Ultimate Guide . Making money is not an easy task . And you can find many topics on the Internet on Making Money / Earn Money Online . But as I have already told that making money will takes hard work and patience too .

Our today topic is something different from others , but also you can find many topics online for this topic ( How to Earn Money From Instagram in 2018 - Ultimate Guide) . But I am going to give you the most working ways to do so .

As many of us uses Facebook , Twitter , Instagram etc. So have you ever think about making money from Instagram ? I know most of you will say NO . Let me tell you that you can also make money by your Instagram Account .

Make Money From Instagram
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How you can earn Money from Instagram ?

Having an Instagram account means you can earn money online after reading this post . Yes , but it will only possible when you have enough followers . If you want to earn enough  money then you will need to have following things :
  • Make sure you have at least 10k followers . The way I am going to tell you will need followers .
  • Make sure you are active at Instagram daily at least 4 hrs .
  • For good earning create a page/group on Instagram so that you can engage with more users .
  • The more people saw your post , your chances of earning will increase more .
  • Write post on trending Niche , Topics so that you get response from users .
So , now I  considered that you have 5k followers on Instagram . I'm talking about followers again & again because the more followers you will have , your earning chances become more . Read this post to know How To Increase Facebook Followers . 

1. Earn from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
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Nowadays , Affiliate marketing is very trending . There are number of website available which offers affiliate marketing . What is Affiliate Marketing ? Actually , affiliate marketing is the way of sharing links , products , etc .

Suppose , you have 5k followers on Instagram and you will doing Amazon Affiliate Marketing . Now you will find an most selling product of Amazon and copy its link and promoting it on your Instagram . So when any user will buy that product you will get the fixed commission .

I have taken the example of Amazon but you can find Affiliate Marketing website through google search . Just search for Highest Paying Affiliate Websites . You will get a list of most highest paying websites from that available list you can choose .

So , now you can understood that Affiliate Marketing is the commission you will get on sharing their product . And the product is actually sold by you . So the company give you relevant commission of it .

2. Earn from Promoting / Sponsoring Products

Sponsor Products
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Promoting the products is also a great way to earn money online . It also requires your followers because when you promote someone product then you have enough readers . So that the promoters also get benefits .

And think also when someone gets profits from you then they will choose you . If someone taking Rs.100 for promoting that product then you may go for Rs.90 . From this you have earned Rs.90 and more promoters contacts you . When you are getting enough promoters you can charge as per your will .

Actually sponsor marketing is much more better then Affiliate Marketing because it makes your payment instantly as you will promotes their products . And also you will get more sponsor products . So you will need to sponsor those products on your Account .

Tips to Earn More Money

Tips To Earn More
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As I have discussed two most important ways to earn money from your Instagram account . So totally it will based on your followers and also on your popularity . If you have enough followers then on promoting any links or products you will get huge response . And from that when someone clicks on your link you will directly get profit . 

So , if you want to really earn money , just use your mind and earn money all about the game of mind . Just make more attraction on shopping affiliate marketing because nowadays people prefer to shop online rather then shops .

And when you promote any products such as Clothes , Household Products , Books , Gadgets , etc. then your chances of getting clicked get increases . And at last those users who has 1k+ followers they can also try . Make a try and tell me about your experiences .

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