Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Spot News is Legit / Fake ? Big Reveals

Hey guys, welcome on MyTechZoo , today we are going to find out the truth behind the trending news about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 . Actually, the trending news is about Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is called as  Samsung CEO's Big Mistake Reveals Mysterious Galaxy Note 9 .

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Spot News is Legit / Fake ?

So , when we heard about this , we started researching about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on the internet . We tried to find out about this spot news source . And we realise it about when we found this news on famous websites like Forbes , Google News , BGR . etc .

 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Spot News is Legit / Fake ? Big Reveals Mysterious Galaxy Note 9
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And we didn't stop here, when we realise its true , we taken one step more in our online research . Then on Forbes website it is mentioned that - '' In a delightful twist, the unreleased Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been spotted in public. CEO DJ Koh was pictured in public with one of the South Korean company’s phablets, and the eagle eyes of the SamMobile team have been hard at work to ID the handset ''

Then we navigate to SamMobile . Actually when any rumours comes about Mobiles leak then SamMobile will always one step forward . All leaks will catches by Sam Mobile Eagle eyes .

This is not a first rumour on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 . We have also seen many leak concerning , Galaxy Note 9 before but now we have also seen it's evident too . According to the website that the upcoming Note 9 doesn't all that different from Galaxy Note 8 .

However, there is only one thing which can be easily differentiate between both device and that is Fingerprint Sensor . The placement of fingerprint sensor has been changed and that's a only way to differentiate both Note 8 & Note 9 .

Big Reveals Mysterious Galaxy Note 9 , DJ Koh is seen using Note 9

Since there are not any major differences in both two devices . Samsung CEO DJ Koh feels pretty confident using Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Public . He was spotted using a new flagship at a media appearance earlier today .

Talking about the official release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 , then it will launch on 9 August in New York city . But Samsung is expected to launch it on 24 August . So this Trending News On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is 100% real and truth .

Samsung has not unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Officially as yet , but people are looking for the first look of the device . But you should not to worry about it . SamMobile has also mentioned full Galaxy Note 9 specs, design, features and price: All available information . So if you want read and see it then go on this mentioned post and read detail specifications , price , many others rumours too .

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