WhatsApp update will stop people from forwarding fake messages

WhatsApp update will stop people from forwarding messages (fake WhatsApp messages) limit to five groups
IC: Google

WhatsApp update will stop people from forwarding messages (fake WhatsApp messages) limit to five groups: WhatsApp also struggles with stopping fake messages to prevent rumors. As the Indian government has ordered to social media companies to make prevention about sharing Fake News over the app.

Then soon all social media companies have taken a step forward to make strategies for preventing the fake news. Not only in India but also in some other countries WhatsApp fake messages will increase rumors between peoples which result in people as dead due to these rumors.

WhatsApp sharing rumors is a great concern in India and also in other parts of the world, as hoaxes and rumors have spread quickly on WhatsApp. In some cases, these rumors left people as dead.

Now the company will make it harder to forward too many messages at once which also result in its potentially spreading its reach with the public. Now the app prevents the message sharing with five groups at once via monitoring WhatsApp messages. (keeping privacy)

As several fake WhatsApp chain messages exposed and it will also be seen that most of the unwanted crime happens through this fake WhatsApp messages. People share any unreality crime seen with groups members for their fun but its sense gone wrong.

People started adopting all those steps which were presented in WhatsApp videos etc. And the crime is increasing day by day. So to stop all the nonsense activity govt. has taken crucial steps over the social media companies, ordering them to develop a function to stop sharing fake news, limit sharing up to 5 groups at once.

That security feature is held by security expert and WhatsApp itself to prevent these types of rumors and hoaxes and it made very difficult to track down fake messages as a way to stop people being spied on by these fake WhatsApp messages.

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