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Blogger blogspot SEO tutorial for beginners & advance 2018 - best free seo tools

Blogger blogspot SEO tutorial for beginners & advance 2018 - best free seo tools
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Blogger Blogspot SEO tutorial for beginners & advance 2018 - best free SEO tools

Blogger Blogspot SEO tutorial for beginners & advance 2018: Increasing blog visitor or blog presence online is a little bit harder. Yet we know that only WordPress has plugins to do all these things, WordPress has Yoast SEO tools and many others blogger SEO tools.

Yes, whatever you heard about WordPress is right and not only this WordPress has many others useful plugins which makes blogging easier. 

Did you know blogger doesn't offer any plugins but you can do all these things using HTML/JAVASCRIPT codes? So today in this post I will give you a complete SEO code for your blogger blog.

Blogger Blogspot SEO tutorial 

Well, we provide a code snippet, you have to copy it and paste it on your blogger blog.
Here is your code: 

!-- All In One SEO Pack 2018 v1.0 by Tech Guru Aditya --
meta content='Write Your Meta Content Here' name='description'
meta content='Write Your Keywords Here' name='keywords'
meta content='index, follow' name='robots'/
meta content='Google Veification Code' name='google-site-verification'/
meta content='Bing Verification Code'/
link href='Your Blog URL' rel='canonical'/
meta content='Your Blog Title' property='og:title'/
meta content='website' property='og:type'/
meta content='Your Blog URL' property='og:url'/
meta content='Your Logo' property='og:image'/
meta content='Website Name' property='og:site_name'/
meta content='Web Tagline' property='og:description'/
meta content='ALEXA VERIFICATION CODE' name='alexaVerifyID'/
meta content='global' name='distribution'/
meta content='1 days' name='revisit'/
meta content='1 days' name='revisit-after'/
meta content='document' name='resource-type'/
meta content='all' name='audience'/
meta content='general' name='rating'/
meta content='all' name='robots'/
meta content='en-us' name='language'/
meta content='USA' name='country'/
meta content='' property='fb:admins'/
meta content='' name='twitter:site'/
link href='' rel='author'/
link href='' rel='publisher'/
!-- All In One SEO Pack 2018 v1.0 by Tech Guru Aditya -->

Don't remove the credits otherwise it will not work on your blog, you have to make some changes that are listed below.

Note: Write your own credential, where asked, and Replace the URLs which is in Red color.

How to add SEO code - SEO blogger tutorial

Step 1) Go to your blogger dashboard.
Step 2) On the left-hand side.
Step 3) Click on theme option.
Step 4) Click on Edit HTML.
Step 5) Now search for the head tag (<head>) using ctrl+f.
Step 6) Paste this code after completing below head tag.

Now, finally click on save, you are done. You have successfully implemented the Blogger SEO plugins. 

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