Why google ads is not showing after adding custom domain to blogger blog? Google adservice

You had Adsense approval (google adservice) previously working perfectly on your blogspot.com domain but when you add a custom domain to your blog. Then Google Adsense ads are not showing, why?

Why google ads are not showing after adding custom domain to blogger blog?

Is the same problem with you of ads not showing on your blog?

Then I want to tell you I have just suffered from this same problem or having the same problem of Adsense. 

Then for this, I have done so many research on Google Adsense not showing ads after adding custom domain. 

I have also checked so many Youtube videos too but didn't get the result. 

They guys just showing wrong way which can result in your Google Adsense banned. 

I have also searched on famous blogger help forums too but didn't get the exact solution. 

Don't panic myself find the exact working way and I will show you here too.

 Google Adservice, problem fixed read till last

After trying so many things but the problem didn't solve then I will just go through the official Google help forum. 

Then I open google support forum and just trying to find the related problem as like us. But there also I didn't find any problem. 

Now, related to this I just go one step ahead on google support forum. 

And then I find the solution here: Solution Here

Let's talk about the solution in brief

Why on approved website ads are not showing?

Actually as per google policy when you have taken the approval on blogger subdomain. It will work perfectly until no any step is taken by you. 

This authorized email on which you have taken the approval is known as the Hosted account. 

And when you just change your blog address including subdomain to website address to a new address. 

For example, suppose you have a blog on Blogger as demo.blogspot.com, now this address includes blogger subdomain. 

And when you have enough traffic and you thought yo give a new address when you choose a custom domain as something like this demo.com. 

Now google called it a new website which yet get approval from Adsense. 

But don't worry as Google Adsense has given you approval on that same website thereafter for them google offer an option called upgrading Adsense account. 

It means you need to add your non-hosted website with your hosted account.  

So, you can still add your old website having a new custom domain on your approved Adsense Account.  

How to add Website to Adsense account.  

To add the new website on your hosted account you have to read this process shared by Google. Or simply follow the steps given below. 

Step 1 Go to your Adsense account. 
Step 2 In the left navigation panel, click on setting.
Step 3 Click on my site.
Step 4 Than, Click on Add site.
Step 5 Enter the URL of your new site that you would like to add. 

After doing this, google instantly not shows ads on your website. 

Actually, your website has to go on approval process as earlier you had applied for taking approval. 

And this process is called as Upgrading Adsense account.  

You may regularly check your approval status by following these steps. 

Steps to follow 

Step 1 Sign in to your Adsense account. 
Step 2 In the left navigation panel, click on My Ads.
Step 3 Now click on Other Product option.  

Here on Other Product option, you can see your newly added website approval status. 

So, guys, this is all about Why google ads are not showing after adding a custom domain to blogger blog? 

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