Amazing 5 new Secrets to boost your blog in 2019

You have a blog? and It is newly created? and Not Getting traffic in 2018? So, you are going to boosts your blog with my Amazing 5 new Secrets to boost your blog in 2019

5 Secrets to follow
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Hey, guys welcome back to MyTechZoo, hope you are enjoying my blog. As I am inactive from 3 months, so, first of all, I am very sorry for that but now onwards I will continue here with you guys.

As this year 2018 is going to be the end and the new year 2019 is coming. So I thought to come with a few new strategies to help you. So today in this blog I am going to tell you about Amazing 5 new Secrets to boost your blog in 2019 

First of all if you are a blogger and you are thinking that you are facing a lots of problems in your blogging journey and sometimes you thought to quit your blogging journey then you are wrong  , follow all my posts with this Amazing 5 new Secrets to boost your blog in 2019 

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Now we have arrived at Blogger station and the journey is going to take off 😉 , hold tight you are going to be happy after getting these 5 amazing secrets to boosts your blog ...

1. Use our SEO widget

2. Identify your interest in better content.

3. Be organic towards your content.

4. Make content more interesting not attractive.

5. Google more about your topics before writing.

MTZ SEO Widget
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1. Our SEO Widget

This is the main, which enables your blog to get a boost in a very short time. So don't forget to read this post Click Here to get the widget for free.

As I had written a post in which I had the talk in detail for this SEO widget.

 Its importance and benefits and I have also received much feedback of this widget, which I especially suggest you make use of this widget in your blog.

As it contains all algorithm which you have to change for boosting your blog.

Just read once that post and follow all the steps to boost your posts with your blog.

Important: Be careful while reading the post, and make sure you have copied the entire widget.

That's all for this SEO Widget point.

Congratulations: you have crossed the station first. And now you are going to take the path for the second one, Hurrah!

Interest Or Attractive
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2. Choose Interest or Enthusiast

Starting with contents is not pretty easy to make sure about what to write. It almost takes hours of hours to clearly decide to write on a topic.

Now after deciding the topic for the post now, it gets harder what to write? where to start? where to finish? Is chosen topic attracts readers? etc.

But let me tell you, beneath this in your heart keep one thing you will succeed one day. Remember to keep this strategy in your heart, not in your mind.

In my opinion there will only two people will get success one who does work based on his enthusiast and another one who work based on interest.

Now choose from the above two options. Who are you? It's better to right now and stop writing for 5 minutes only. That's it, May you have decided who are you from these two given options.

Now you will be the success I am sure about this. Because if you have decided two write your post based on your Enthusiast then the readers get something new daily to reads. They attract, share, love your posts.

Again if you have chosen the second option that is of Based on Interest. Then its too much better for your readers because now this time they get a lot of things to get engage with and make your post a special one.

So in this point, I am gonna try to say that write based on your opinion not on trend. There are many people who love your  Interest and Enthusiast both.

Congratulations: you have crossed the station second. And now you are going to take the path for third one, Hurrah!

Organic content
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3. Organic Contents

After, choosing your topic, your duty is to write better engaging content for your readers. Writing an engaging content means, write those things which readers want. Writing unnecessary things make your post useless.

Try to write your own thoughts, do not try to copy from any source. You may engage others post idea by implementing in your way. You can read those paragraphs or content in your words,

This makes sense and attracts visitors. As you can see in my post too, I always try to write in my own words.

Some bloggers try to write the keywords mostly for revenue. But if you are beginning your blogging journey then first you need to get famous.

After that, you may follow up the revenue strategy. For making profit and income.

When it comes to writing organic content it only means to write fresh content in your native thoughts.

4. Interesting or Attractive

Before writing decide your mood, Interesting or attractive. And in my suggestion, you have to go with Interest not with Attractive.

While writing your content always make sure to use some examples like for getting fun. While reading any post or article user get bored but as you done something for not getting bored this is the plus point for you.

Also, make sure not to get out of your topic. What happened when anyone writing on any topic then they will get engage and forget about their main topic.

This result harmful to your targeting audience. The audience always follows you if they get to write things, what actually they want.

That's why I am saying to choose whether Interest or Attractive post.

This depends upon, both have their equally pros and cons. I will discuss these points in the later post.

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5. Google more about your topic

Yeah, that is also too much important, it is better to have proper knowledge on the topic. If you have proper knowledge then you will get excellent work to do.

Writing content is an excellent work only when you have proper knowledge. And also there is nothing much more interesting than this.

Writing a proper content includes all things its pros and cons must be included. This can be done in anyways.

Then this topic mainly about Google Ad service which is popularly known as Google Adsense. So if anyone whether I or you try to write on this topic then they have proper knowledge on this topic.

Myself when thought to write on this topic I basically work for about 4 to 5 hours on this. Finding and knowing about this topic.

You can see by clicking on this line to see and understand about Click to see how I compose my articles  

So, guys, this is all about Amazing 5 new Secrets to boost your blog in 2019. If you like this post and want to know anything on this topic you can drop your comment below.

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