How To Create A WhatsApp Group for Android & Iphones in Few Step

Creating a WhatsApp Group is not so much difficul. But as i have started the How To option in my website now i will regular add a post on How To. So, i know you all are well familiar with Creating WhatsApp Group .


If you already know How To  Create  A WhatsApp Group then its good for you. But this is not necessary that all other users also know How To  Create  A WhatsApp Group.

So today i am going to share all the easy and simple steps through which you can create your own WhatsApp Group. Now after following the steps given below you are able to create your WhatsApp Group.

So lets get started....

For creating a WhatsApp Group you need to have a Android/Windows/PC . The entire process is same for creating a Group .

1.How To Create a WhatsApp Group on Android Phone

Step-1  First of all you need to download Whatsapp. For Android you can download it via Google Play Store or Click Here.

Step-2   Now you need to Launch your Whatsapp. And register your mobile number.

Step-3   Tap on More option. { At your top right corner three vertical dots }

Tap on More

Step-4   Now Tap on New Group option available under more options.

Select New Group

Step-5   Now Type your desire Group Name & upload your group DP .

Add image and Group Name

Step-6   Now Add your desired group member via there contacts .

Step-7   Tap on Next option or Click On Check Option .


Step-7  Now finally click on CREATE option. 

This is your Whatsapp Group

Congratulations you have succesfully created your Whatsapp Group . Enjoy 

2.How To Create A WhatsApp Group on IPhones

Now the entire process is same but it actually a little bit different just because of its operating system. Now here are the step on Creating a WhatsApp Group ON iPhones .

Step-1  First of all you need to download WhatsApp for Iphones. For Iphones you can download itthrough this link Click here to download WhatsApp for Iphone .

whatsapp on iphone

Step-2  Now Tap the Chats option. To open your Chat History. This is available in the bottom of your toolbar.

whatsapp on iphone

Step-3  Now Tap on the New Group

whatsapp on iphone

Step-4  Now its turn to select all those contacts { Add Contacts} which you have to add in the Group.

whatsapp on iphone

Step-5  Now, Tap on the Next available at the top right corner of your phone.

Step-6  A New window opens, Now enter your Group Name & upload Group DP.

whatsapp on iphone

Step-7  Finally click on Create Option to done this Process.

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